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Mithai is a very popular traditional Indian sweet. When it comes to sweets, India has it all. Be it North Indian or Southern Indian, you will find delicious sweets in both regions. India is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and that’s predominantly because we have the best cuisines here. Indian sweet recipes have been handed down for generations and often you will see that people are more loyal to their families’ sweet recipes than searching for other authentic sweets outside their homes because as Indians, it comes naturally to us to cherish our traditions, and rituals and beliefs.

Mithai is a huge part of the Indian festivals. Tons of customs and traditions that have evolved around mithai over the years, from the ordering itself to how it’s served and where it comes from. If you follow these rituals religiously, your wedding will probably be one of the most talked-about weddings in your circle of friends and families. Unfortunately, if you don’t follow these rules, your marriage might end up being unlucky too. So, let’s take a look at some of the traditions and local practices when it comes to mithai.


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Let us tell you about some of your choices for Indian sweets:


Milk is used in cakes for the same reason you put milk on your cereal, to soften the texture and strengthen it. Milk (and other liquids) activate other ingredients in the cake batter like (baking soda and baking powder) to give it an extra lift. Too much can cause a cake to be too soft so using the right amount is vital. Milk sweet is just an emotion of every Indian.


Kaju Pan is made of Kaju and a mix of dry fruits and Gulkand. Kaju Pan is an extension of Kaju Katri. It is like stuffing Kaju Katri with a mix of dry fruits and gulkand (rose petal jam), betel leaves, and pan masala. Kaju Pans are popular in the market during the festive season as well. The taste is spicy and sweet, which makes it unique from other sweets.


The exotic assortment of exotic dry fruit sweets is made from the best Indian cashews with the sweetness of natural flavor strawberries with the right amount of sweetness in a gift box and you’ll get only at best sweet shop in Varanasi. This mithai has been specially packed using Italian technology for extended shelf life.

Trust us when we say this, but these mithais will be the talk of your Indian relatives!

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